Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Green Paper January Collage Challenge

The Green Paper Collage Challenge is once a month. 
The only rule is to use all images in some way in the collage.
That sounds fun.
I did a workshop with Linda Colsh last year. This was really great. And I love her way of working so much. So this Challenge is an opportunity to get more practice.

First I made the collage on painted fabric.
One image is reverse transfered, part of the other image glued on it and the pansies are printed on foil.
Some more paint and a few hand stitches.


Thanks to Mary Green, for the free images and the inspiring idea!

You can find more lovely piece of art here.


  1. Very interesting. I like the colors and the moody feel.

  2. That's very cool that you did this on fabric. That would be fun to try sometime! I love the lace and buttons on the bottom!