Freitag, 25. März 2011

Vintage Note Card Swap

The cards arrived!
And what shall I say? They are all very beautiful!

This one is from Becky Sunderman. This card is wonderful. And I love butterflies!!! 
Thank you very much!

This lovely card is from Donna Parker. It is amazing! I love it especially the lace.
And have a guess. the card is from Mexico!!!!!! Wow!
Thank you very much!!!!!

From Susan Stewart I got this wonderful card. I like most the rose.
Thank you very much!


  1. Your blog is fabulous! Thanks for posting my card. All the cards are so spectacular. It was a fun swap was it not? hugs from Mexico, Donna

  2. ..ich wollte dir einen netten Frühlingsgruß da lassen,da ich mal wieder Zeit zum bloggen hab